Do you want more out of life?
Do you want more in your relationships?
Do you want more in your profession?
Are you aware of some discontent, but may not be able to put your finger on it?

Most people explore therapy when they are aware they want more out of life.  This awareness may initially produce some discontent or unease. Fortunately this discontent helps alert us to the discrepancy between what we have and what we want.

Therapy is a process of examining wants, addressing incongruences between wants and behaviors, and establishing a course to achieve those goals more effectively.  However success is defined - professionally, socially, emotionally, physically or spiritually - will dictate strategies and techniques.  During this phase, therapy also addresses road blocks that may hinder progress.  Through examining the progress of attaining goals we can realign our lives to achieve what we truly desire.

Therapy can take on different forms depending on goals. 

I work with people in individual or group psychotherapy.  I also work with couples with a co-therapist, allowing each client to feel like they have an advocate in the room.   While my co-therapist works with one half of the couple, I work with the other individually, which helps the couple identify, negotiate and achieve their goals whether individually or collectively.

If you aren’t sure which type of therapy is right for you, I would be glad to speak with you to help determine the format that best addresses your goals.

I love being part of the process of thriving, using discontent to identify desires and build confidence to achieve and maintain success. This has long reaching effects for us and our loved ones - a legacy of going after and attaining what we want.