About Mindy

Growing up, I always felt that adults seemed to have amnesia about the discomfort of adolescence, or feelings in general, for that matter.  Because of this, I vowed to communicate clearly with others and create a nonjudgmental environment to identify what you want and wish for.  I thoroughly enjoy working with clients to clarify, articulate and achieve their goals.

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About Therapy

Learning to thrive helps many more people than ourselves.  There's no better satisfaction than contributing to and experiencing this ripple effect.  Therapy is a process of examining wants and behaviors, and establishing a course to achieve those goals more effectively.  If you aren’t sure which type of therapy is right for you, I would be glad to speak with you to help determine the format that best addresses your goals.

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Contact Me

Taking the first step toward therapy can be intimidating.  I encourage you to contact me to discuss whether or not therapy might be a helpful next step for you.  If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to be in touch

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